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Grade 1
Christopher Norton – Fax Blues
Christopher Norton – Down South
Christopher Norton – Stairway

Grade 2
Arnold Krug – The little bird and the cat from More Romantic Pieces for Piano book 1
Christopher Norton – Get in Step from Microjazz Collection 2
Kabalevsky – Galloping from A Romantic Sketchbook for piano book 1
Pamela Wedgwood – Bottle Bank Boogie from Green Jazzin about
Pamela Wedgwood – Summer song from Jazzin about
Pamela Wedgwood – Pink Lady from Jazzin’ about
Pamela Wedgwood – Strawberry Flip from Easy Jazzin’ About for piano
Peter Gritton – Timewarp from Fingerprints
Schubert – Deutscher no 1
Terence Greaves – Three Blue Mice from Swinging Rhymes
Couperin – Le Petit Rien
A. Scarlatti – Arioso
Tchaikovsky – Old French Song
Diabelli – Bagatelle
Maikapar – Restless Moment

Grade 3
Bach: Little Prelude
Bartok – Round Dance
Beethoven – Sonatina in G
Brian Chapple – The Snow Melts from Lazy Days
Gurlitt – A Little Flower
Kabalevsky – Clowns from Romantic Sketchbook for piano Book 2
Michael Jacques – Brawl
Pachelbel: Canon in D
Seiber – Foxtrot II
Tchaikovsky – Chanson Triste
Bach – Polonaise (the Trinity book says J.S.Bach, but in the AB edition of the AM Notebook it’s CPE)
Beethoven – Romance
Galuppi – Allgretto (this has been set at grade 4 ABRSM)
Maikapar – Fleeting Vision

Grade 4
Beethoven – Fur Elise (prehaps grade 5)
Burgmuller – Ballade in C minor from Graded repertoire
Brian Chapple – Lazy Days from Lazy Days 12 short pieces for Piano
Christopher Norton – Fifth Dimension from Microjazz 1
Einaudi – Le Onde
Grieg – Wachterlied
Grieg – Arietta from Lyric Pieces
Alan Haughton – You and Me from Rhythm and Rag
Alan Haughton – Blue Note from Rhythm and Rag
Haydn – Sonata in D, Third movement Hob.XVI/37
Kabalevsky – Etude in A minor
Maikapar – Clouds from The Joy of Modern Piano Music
Pam Wedgwood – Laid Back Blues from Jazzin’ About
Fischer – Rigaudon
Kullak – Grandmother’s Story
Tchaikovsky – Song of Lark
Telemann – Allegretto
Hook – Rustic Dance
Kirnberger – Les Carillons (this has been set at grade 5 ABRSM)
Bartok – Swine-herd’s Song

Grade 5
Badarzewska – Maiden’s Prayer
Bach – Two Part Inventions 1,2,4,8,10,13,14
Brian Chapple – Washtub Rag
Brian Chapple – The Blue Pool from On the Cool Side
CPE Bach – Solfeggietto
Gliere – Morning, Op 43 No 4 from Eight Easy Pieces
Kabalevsky – Novelette from 30 Pieces for Children
Kirnberger – Les Carillons
Smetana – Pisen
Pamela Wedgwood – Litterbin Blues from Green Jazzin’ about

Grade 6
Bach – Two Part Inventions 3,5,6,7,9
Bach – Sinfonias 1,3,6,10,11,12,13
Bach Well-Tempered Clavier Bk1 Prelude no.1
Beethoven: Bagatelle in G minor (Op119, 1)
Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata, 1st movement
Beethoven Sonata Op.13 “Pathetique” 2nd mvt
Beethoven Sonata Op.27 no.2 ” Moonlight” 1st mvt
Beethoven Sonata Op.79 2nd mvt
Chopin: Mazurka in C (Op22, 3)
Chopin – Mazurka in G minor, Op. 67 No. 2
Chopin – Mazurka in Bb, Op. 7 No. 1
Chopin – Nocturne in Eb
Chopin – Prelude in B minor, Op. 28 No.6
Christopher Norton – Prelude IV from Latin Preludes
Christopher Norton – Lavender’s kind of Blue from Lavender’s kind of Blue
Christopher Norton – Prelude VI from Rock preludes
Debussy – Le Petit Negre
Debussy – The Little Shepherd
Debussy – Preludes Bk1 “La fille aux cheveux de lin”
Field – Nocturne No 13 in D minor, H59
Grieg – Poetic Tone Picture, Op.3, no. 1
Grieg – Einsamer Wanderer, )p. 43 no. 2
Jacques Ibert – A Giddy Girl
Jensen: Longing (Op6, 5 – I love the full version, not the cut down one which is about G4ish)
Edward Macdowell: To a Wild Rose
Mendelssohn: Song Without Words (op 19, Nos 2 and 4)
Moszkowski – Study in G minor, Op 91 No 10
Mozart – Rondo Alla Turca
Mozart – Sonata in E flat, Third movement, K282
Mozart – Sonata in E flat, First movement, K282
Mozart – Sonata K545 1st mvt
Mozart: Adagio in B Minor, K.540
Parry – Elizabeth
Satie – Gymnopedie No 1
schubert- moment musicaux no3
Wedgwood, Pamela – Voyage from After Hours 2
Schumann – Catch me if you can

Grade 7
Bach – Two Part Inventions 11,12,15
Bach – Sinfonias 2,4,5,7,8,9,14,15
Beethoven Sonata – Op 2 No 1, 1st movt
Beethoven Sonata Op.28 “Pastorale” 2nd mvt
Beethoven Sonata Op.79 1st mvt
Chopin – minute waltz
Chopin – Waltz Op.64 No.1
Chopin – Waltz op 64-2
Chopin – prelude in Db op 27 no. 3 (raindrop prelude)
Christopher Norton – Prelude II (Homecoming) from Country preludes
Debussy – Clair de Lune
Debussy – Prelude Bk1 “Voiles”
Grieg Lyric Pieces Op.43 no.1 “Butterfly” (former ABRSM Grade 7 syallbus)
Jacques Ibert – Le petit ane blanc
Mozart – Fantasie in D minor, K397
Rimsky-Korsakov “Flight of Bumble-Bee”
Scott Joplin – Magnetic Rag
Schumann – traumerei
Skutte – Nocturne in A minor
Tchaikovsky – Barcarolle (June)

Grade 8
Bartok – From the diary of a fly
beethoven – moonlight sonata(if you played the whole piece it’s about grade 8 I think)
chopin – etude op 10-25 (is the 10 & 25 the right way round?)
chopin – polonase milletaire
chopin – polonase heroic
Debussy – Minstrels
Debussy – arabesc no1
Grieg – Nocturne No. 4 from Lyric Pieces
Hummel – Rondo (my List B exam piece, 13 years ago)
Scott Joplin – Maple Leaf Rag

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