Practicing scales

This is way too long Basically it boils down to : Practice 10 mins every day Tuck thumb under early Normal tempo x 2 Use rhythms and practice each 4 times – long, short, long, short etc – short, long, short, long, etc – long, short, short, short, etc – short, short, short, long, etc…

Lists of pieces by grade

This is useful. Want to practice a Grade 3 piece? Or see what’s required for Grade 8. Grade 1 Christopher Norton – Fax Blues Christopher Norton – Down South Christopher Norton – Stairway Grade 2 Arnold Krug – The little bird and the cat from More Romantic Pieces for Piano book 1 Christopher Norton –…

Names of scales

The Circle of Fifths helps with the names of the scales. E.g. G major has 1 sharp:

Bass and treble scale on the piano

Here are the top and bottom keys on the keyboard for the bass scale  (The top line of the bass scale is A below middle C. And the bottom line of the bass scale is G below the C below middle C) And treble scale top and bottom notes  The bottom note (i.e on the…

Mnemonics for learning the notes on sheet music

A few mnemonics for learning the notes on sheet music. I like these ones for the bass clef. E.g. Lines: Grandad Beethoven’s Deafness Frustrated All Spaces: All Cows Eat Grass

Day 12: more scales 

Don’t start with C major according to Chopin. Instead begin with the black keys (B major, D-flat, G-flat). 

Day 11: more scales

A few mnemonics to help learn the scales.  Major scales  C: all the white notes  Then the others are as for C but: D: the first black notes in each black block  E: the first 2 black notes in each black block F: the last black note in the 3 black block  G: the first…

Day 10: Minor scales

Time to learn how a minor scale works along with a quick review of major scales: Major Scale: R, W, W, H, W, W, W, H Natural Minor Scale: R, W, H, W, W, H, W, W Note, the R => root note, W => a whole step, H => a half step (see Day…

Day 8: Hanon arrived

My Hanon book arrived – i.e. HANON -The Virtuoso Pianist. Someone mentioned  this on a YouTube video. Basically it’s 60 exercises designed For the Acquirement, Independence, Strength, and Perfect Evenness in the Fingers, as well as Suppleness of the Wrist